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Bangalore- Silicon City of India

Bangalore- Silicon City of India


he city of Bengaluru is called India’s Silicon Valley, an IT hub that attracts the most domestic and international technology companies. Bangalore has become a land of advanced technology and entrepreneurship. The IT capital of India has the biggest role in nation’s building process in information technology. The original Silicon Valley is located in California and is home to a u start ups and global companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. Similarly Bengaluru on the Mysore Plateau is home to main headquarters of infotech companies of Wipro, cognizant and Infosys. All of it commenced in 1984 when US company, Texas Instruments set up its R&D centre in Bengaluru, and got the attention of global IT majors. The leading infrastructure in industrial development, policies and highly educated Human Resource available helped Bangalore become a technology hub. 35% of India ‘s total working force of 2.5 million IT professionals work in Bengaluru. The overall growth of IT in the city has led to the global growth of Information Technology (IT) of India. Bengaluru alone accounts for 30 to 40 % of IT exports from India, largest for any city in the country. Infosys and Wipro the two largest IT firms and some of the top MNC’s are headquartered in here. Since 1980s it has maintained its position and today even after more than 40 years has passed it has maintained its position even today. For decades Indian government has put a sizeable chunk of investments in Bengaluru, the best part of the investments being constant and immune to changing economic conditions. The knowledge and skilled workforce has entered the veins of the city being the IT hub. Bengaluru’s climate being stable, hospitable city, safe for bachelors, strong infrastructure facilities, high level of education investments, abundant electricity, great connectivity to major southern metropolises and eminent as well as distinguished research investments. The city attracts thousands of software engineers and IT specialists.

I was in Bangalore, India, the Silicon Valley of India, when I realized that the world was flat.""

-Thomas Friedman

 Bengaluru has become the most popular outsourcer in the world and Research and technology development has been carried out there. Bengaluru has never been called Silicon Valley for mobile, computer innovation or manufacturing capabilities but because as it burst into a startup hub. IT giants like Flipkart, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini has their offices in Bengaluru. There are over 150 engineering colleges in Bengaluru, increasing skills and development for the IT hub. More than 60% of India’s software revenue is generated in Bengaluru itself. All of these aspects make Bengaluru a Silicon Valley of India.

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